HHSB Musicians 2018-2019

Please check the seating plan here before Tuesday's rehearsal. This seating plan will be subject to change.

The music sheets will be available here. If you forgot the password, please ask a member of the executive team.

Name Instrument
Flute 1 Carina Fan
Flute 1 Selina Huo
Flute 1 Olivia Jordan
Flute 1 Nanami Sumimoto
Flute 2 Beth Deconinck
Flute 2 Andy Guan
Flute 2 Jenny Peng
Flute 2 Amy Zhang
Oboe 1 Abigail Deniverille
Bassoon Zenghao Wang
Clarinet 1 Nate Green
Clarinet 1 Yonghyun Kim
Clarinet 1 Sean Lin
Clarinet 1 Kevin Liu
Clarinet 1 Chloe Shin-Gay
Clarinet 2 Daniel Gallimore
Clarinet 2 Stella Hung
Clarinet 2 Christopher Lansdale
Clarinet 2 Bob Li
Clarinet 2 Helena Wang
Clarinet 2 Tao Wang
Clarinet 3 Kevin Chen
Clarinet 3 Raymond Chen
Clarinet 3 Zelia Fang
Clarinet 3 James Jiang
Alto Saxophone 1 Delaney Andersony
Alto Saxophone 1 Toby Green
Alto Saxophone 1 Matt Hudson
Alto Saxophone 2 Chanel Chow
Alto Saxophone 2 Daniel Dong
Alto Saxophone 2 Steven Lee
Alto Saxophone 2 Mitchell Passarelli
Tenor Sax Philip Ding
Tenor Sax Claire Lu
Tenor Sax Jordan McIntyre
Tenor Sax Tian Yu
Baritone Sax Sabina Pang
Bass Clarinet Dante Camarda
Trumpet 1/2 Bonnie Scott
Trumpet 1/2 Stephanie Obeta
Trumpet 3 Natasha Dhamrait
Trombone 1 Mark Boothroyd
Trombone 1 Patrick Keenan
Trombone 1 Lawrence Veregin
Trombone 2 Vannessa Chan
Trombone 2 Isabella Giancola
Trombone 2 Tony Mei
Euphonium Michael De Biasio
Euphonium Candy Tang
Tuba Sebastian Bonham-Carter
Tuba Alisa Weshah
Percussion Allison Winn
Percussion Frank Boothroyd
Percussion Julia Kitaygorodsky
Percussion Christine Mo
Percussion Leo Wang

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