HHSB Musicians 2016-2017

We have a Facebook group for members! Members are welcome to join! The music sheets will be available here. If you forgot the password, please ask a member of the executive team.

Please check the seating plan here before Tuesday's rehearsal. This seating plan will be subject to change.

Name Instrument
Flute 1 Andy Guan
Flute 1 Eleanor Jiang
Flute 1 Minzee Kim
Flute 1 Olivia Jordan
Flute 1 Peter (Junghyun) Nam
Flute 1 Yvonne Pang
Flute 2 Amy (Ying Yi) Zhang
Flute 2 Freda Zhang
Flute 2 Junyi Wang
Flute 2 Karen Washington
Flute 2 Leah McDonald
Flute 2 Vanessa Nguyen
Flute 2 Yunni Tang
Oboe 1 Liva Zemitis
Oboe 2 Alexa Volkov
Clarinet 1 James Park
Clarinet 1 Kevin Liu
Clarinet 1 Sean Lin
Clarinet 2 Helena Wang
Clarinet 2 Katie Harris
Clarinet 2 Tao Wang
Clarinet 2 Tommy Li
Clarinet 3 Henry Cho
Clarinet 3 Isabel Todd
Clarinet 3 J.P. Arquillano
Clarinet 3 Jing Bian
Clarinet 3 Joyce Ho
Bassoon 1 Aliena McIntyre
Bassoon 2 Cedric Ludlow
Bass Clarinet Jess Camarda
Alto Saxophone 1 Angela Baer
Alto Saxophone 1 Ben Liu
Alto Saxophone 1 Ross West
Alto Saxophone 2 Alyssa Meyerowitz
Alto Saxophone 2 Mitchell Passarelli
Alto Saxophone 2/Bari Craig Gauder
Alto Saxophone 2/Bari Kevin Dembski
Alto Saxophone 2/Bari Ross Cobban
Tenor Sax Arjun Kaushal
Tenor Sax Claire Lu
Tenor Sax Matt Hudson
Tenor Sax Thomas Zheng
French Horn 1 Clara Geddes
French Horn 2 Donald Wang
French horn 3 Nikki Rahnamaei
French Horn 4 Sue Kim
Trumpet 1 Bonnie Scott
Trumpet 1 David Baldrid
Trumpet 2 Patrick Fraser
Trumpet 3 Ben Ho
Trumpet 3 Marco Ly
Trumpet 3 Michelle Lee
Trombone 1 Kanyoo Wu
Trombone 1 Lawrence Veregin
Trombone 2 Michael Mah
Trombone 2 Patrick Keenan
Bass Trombone Duncan Kwan
Euphonium Candy Tang
Tuba Sebastian Bonham-Carter
Percussion Gina Kwon
Percussion Julia Kitaygorodsky
Percussion Peter Li

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